Our Story

Who We Are

Library Program Helper started out as a grant funded project through the ILEAD USA-Ohio program.  The four of us who worked on this project all work in Ohio libraries and have all been in need of resources or community support from other librarians.  We were under trained and thrown in the deep end in programming and educational opportunities; we lacked resources and we had little to no support.  We have been there and we know how to help.

The idea of Library Program Helper is to bridge the divide between librarians who have library educations and the front line library support staff who are doing the programming with minimal training or supervision.

Library Program Helper is maintained by:

  • Jessica Curtis, Westerville Public Library
  • Kellen Freeman, Delaware District Public Library
  • Gill Nance, Southwest Public Libraries
  • Rose Shaddy, ODRC Libraries.

Meet Our Team

Meet the creators of Library Program Helper.


Rose Shaddy


Gill Nance


Jessica Curtis


Kellen Freeman